Used Mercedes Benz – The Luxurious Business Car For You

If you have been looking for a well respected line of cars with a beautiful executive design, then the Mercedes Benz range is perfect for you. With luxury business interiors but potential to fit your family in some of the models, the brand has managed to provide something useful and comfortable (as well as imminently desirable) for every buyer.So what model is best for you?If you are a smart and sophisticated business person, then you probably want a car that compliments you and your life perfectly. To make a huge first impression, a fancy yet sophisticated sports car will no doubt do the trick. Keeping the design refined is key to not looking over-the-top, and so a SL-Class roadster will no doubt be perfect, whether you choose the basic option with a sporty 3.0litr V6, or opt for massive power with the V12 SL AMG 65. If the looks are a little too subtle for you, the equally powerful yet much more dramatic SLR roadster will suit – even if it does completely break the bank at £325k!If flashing the cash isn’t on your agenda, then it may be worth opting for a new or used Mercedes Benz with a little less bling and a tad more refinement. You probably know that spending hours travelling in your car each week makes it worth spending a little more to get that extra comfort and beautiful car interior. If you still want that convertible feeling, the CLK Cabriolet is the more adult older sister of its sportier siblings. For a saloon, however, your best smart yet sumptuous option is probably the CL-Class, with its designer good looks and incredibly luxurious vibe. If you want to look even more corporate, the GL-Class will be an even more sensible choice.Of course, if you have plenty of money to spare when buying your new or used Mercedes Benz, then you can opt for the wonderful CL-Class, with its AMG sports package, and the butch yet elegant lines that actually resemble a Bentley far more than a Merc.Finally you may be buying a car that will suit your family well, where the dogs will fit in the back along with the buggy and all the other paraphernalia that goes along with bringing up your dependants. In this case the best Used Mercedes Benz for you is the chunky yet handy B-Class, or even the more luxurious E-Class. These will hold everything you could want them to, but won’t look huge or ridiculous, and will definitely be work friendly. If you are a little more rural and want more power beneath the bonnet, then an SUV may be a great alternative with just as much family friendly room – but not as many eco-credentials.There is a model for everyone, from the small to the big and everything in between. Even better, the Mercedes Benz range comes in all sorts of engine sizes for all sorts of drivers – with a little effort, you should definitely be able to find the perfect car for you within their collection.