Starting a Mobile Detailing Business, Auto Detail Supplies

Starting a mobile automotive detailing business seems to be a popular trend and last time I checked well, we did not have a shortage of automobiles to clean, wax and detail. Auto detailing is like another trade, it requires some skill, professionalism and of course the best products and equipment. So then, you ask; “What are the best and safest products to use and where do I buy them?”Well many industry professionals like these brands; OneStep, Meguairs, AutoMagic, Beauty Shine, etc and there are of course a few others, generally you will end up picking a brand you like. Perhaps you will not like an entire line of product but pick and choose from each brand those favorite products such as; Tire Dressing, Rim Cleaner, Wax, RTU Window Cleaner or Leather Conditioning? Most auto detailing supply vendors give out samples so, try the samples and use what you like. All have websites online and training guides, good support and dealers in most major cities and nearly all regions in the United States.Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised as to the amount of good will and support you get from automotive detailing product vendors. They often have manuals, training videos, MSDS sheets and tips and tricks of the trade all free for the loyalty of being a good customer who pays on time, upfront or in cash. Think on this.